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Apprentices of Hell
By Lucas McKane

I was sorry to hear about James’s rental problems:

as “Neighbors of Color Want to Know—and have let James' Landlord Know They Are Not Comfortable with The Evil One Living Nearby.” You see, these vibrant folk are uncomfortable about having a strong free-thinking guy living near them. If any Whites are to be tolerated, they need to be the passive types, just itching and scratching for extinction. Oh, and the multicult folk are free to say what they like, and do what they like. This is the future as a White minority.

But, I guess smart-assed comments don’t help when one is facing hostiles who will use anything against one. If all discussion of race, ethnic violence and related topics was to go from the site, then there would not be anything to realistically talk about, regardless of punishment for sins of the past, and even for things that may be just thought about.

Anyway, seeing this site as WN is just bullshit because WN comes in for plenty of criticism here: WN being often delusional, and always weak and flaccid. James and others have bravely dealt with topics these guys with nice haircuts won’t even wipe their plucked butts with. WN seem to think that there is some way of “winning” and saving all of this crap. But, crap is crap, and will go the way of crap, which is decay. It is inevitable, so prepare for it. We are but turds, swirling in the great stinky sewer of postmodernity, or modernity, or what the fuck.

However, all this being said, the enemies don’t play fair and don’t have to, because the rulers have given them the keys to the weapons shop.

What is a man to do but stand one’s ground and say what he believes, while he still can? I could put in a link about a former European MP who is now undergoing re-education, but that might trigger someone and cause more shit. Hell, the rent issue is a real pisser and I hope someone can help James out if the shit really does hit the fan, but if nobody does, he will get by because someone who can write what I am going to quote to remind you, won’t be put down by a bunch of leg-pissers, and a real man can live under a sheet of galvanized iron, and maybe not even that is needed.

I have cut ‘n’ pasted these immortal lines out from the LaFondian article and have pasted them on my weapons vault door, just to remind me how serious this all is and what true manhood involves in the coming Armageddon:

“I accept that all women are evil harpies who will seek to rip my soul from its body, and that virtually all American men are psychologically women and therefore evil.

I live in a nation of sissies and I challenge you sissy millions to kill me, swearing to drag as many enemy with me as possible and hoping dearly that the Old Gods will drag 99 in 100 American souls to hell in the change times to come, after I have been erased from this stain of a fetid polity.

My greatest hopes are:

That there is a Hell,

That I am going to Hell,

and that by the time you sissy millions get there I will be the supreme tormentor of souls and shall squat upon your squirming shade for pain-wracked eternities beyond number.”

I have read that 50 times, and each time it gets better; I find this cosmic hatred very refreshing, like iced beer after a hard workout. Glug it down fast.

James, I offer to be your torture co-assistant or apprentice in Hell, keeping your tools of the trade extra dirty and as blunt as possible, and serving you warm beer (nothing ice cold there, will need to drink the Pommy way).

Turd America

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