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‘Pale Faced Pock Marked’
A Shoe-Maker Slave Turned Criminal in His Old Age

November 3, 1768

The Pennsylvania Gazette


RUN away from his bail, the 23d of October last, a certain JOSEPH POST, born in Ireland, about 28 years old, by trade a shoemaker, about 5 feet 3 inches high, pale faced, pock marked, dark curled hair, and blind in one eye; [1]

had on, when he went away, a castor hat, short blue coat, striped linen trowsers, chocolate coloured stockings, half worn neats leather shoes, with buckles. He took with him, a small black mare, about 12 hands high, 5 or 6 years old, some white on one hind foot, with a switch tail;

also took a new hunting saddle, with old stirrup irons, and no housings.

He appears to be a still quiet fellow, except he has taken too much strong drink, which he is apt to do.

Whoever takes up and secures the said fellow, with the mare and saddle, so that the subscriber may have them again, shall have the above reward; or Three Pounds for the man alone, and Thirty Shillings for the mare and saddle, paid by WILLIAM KERLIN, living in Birmingham, Chester county.


1. 28 year-old people of the working class in this age had generally aged and accumulated injuries equivalent to a modern American laborer in his late 50s.

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