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'The Love of Money'
Grace & Steel Ep 91 - Go On, Bust the Trusts

Kevin and Kevin have a probing discussion into the worship of The God of Things, an examination of its leviathan body, its priesthood, its heretics—its food, which is us.

The loss of reciprocity between rich and poor, the removal of the superrich from the culture, placing them above and beyond national reach, essentially occupying the place of the Godhead in the current atheistic cosmos, makes for an astute, post-libertarian view of the savage, mindless, all-devouring pantheon of corporate Deities, immune to all terrestrial weapons, greedily feasting eaters of our individual and collective soul.

Citizens of the World and Spandex Movies, the increasing depravity of the rich and the worship of that which was once reviled are things we might notice, but Grace and Steel corral many of these evils by concentrating on creeping monopoly.

The return of the Dickensian worker-poverty matrix strikes a thrilling note.

I love the way Grace pronounces Obama!

Who Created These Norms Anyway?

Clown or Hyena, It Doesn't Matter to Me

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