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‘Mister LaFond, How Can You Not Hate? Are you being Philosophically Consistant?’ A Man Question from Ethan

By the by Ethan, it is 5:32 A.M. in Harm City and the police are responding nearby.

Philosophically, I am not capable of anything, as I despise philosophy as the discipline of sissies.

Ethan, I do not currently hold any hatred for an individual that I can name.

I do not hate young black men, though they constantly prey upon, threaten and challenge me. It is unhealthy to hate one's enemy, for they define you.

I do not hate women, though I know them to be traitorous at heart, and every one I have been with closely has sought to diminish me.

I do not hate the woman who tried to kill me. She only tried to kill me once, but blew me possibly 2,000 times.

I could go on about what I do not hate at length.

The question, however, is more easily answered by discussing what I do hate, and, as you implied, in the context of my life experience.

I once hated long and intensely and it ate at me. For this I have an aversion to hate as a toxin. However, to erase hate from my makeup is dangerous, as it has its power, and, being a twerp, and naturally evil, I am loath to waste such an advantage.

I cannot hate a soulless system, as hate, in my understanding, has a specificity to it and must rationally focus on a living consciousness, not a social system or a dead historical figure. So I can’t very well hate, democracy, tyranny, Hitler, Pol Pot, George Washington or even modernity. Now, if modernity become sentient, if our soulless, soul-eating system became self-aware and began to think, if all the e-trading logarithms that power our economy became self-aware, well, I could hate that.

The first condition for an entity to be hated is self awareness, a soul.

The only other condition for a person to be hated is agency.

For the most part, affiliation with a religion, political party, or identification as a member of a race, tribe or gender, is, in effect, the surrendering of agency to a higher order.

Christians have attempted to kill me, make me homeless and make me unemployed, in the name of their religion. But I do not hate these people, as they have surrendered agency to their religion and their religious constructs—their various denominations—are not self aware.

Democrats all seek to have people such as me silenced. But I cannot hate democrats, for they have no agency and I cannot hate democracy, for it is not self aware.

Literally hundreds of black folk have tried to harm me in my life. However, these were all black Americans from Baltimore, all of whom claim vociferously, that they have no agency, so it is impossible for me to hate blacks Baltimoreans.

Many women have sought to ruin me and virtually all—including my mother and other caring female members of my family—have made it their business to diminish me. These actions are merely the roles of people without agency. Women are biologically and psychologically untrustworthy, slaves to their chemistry, their dreams and their drive to diminish those closest to them, so I cannot hate women, for they have no agency, anymore than I could hate the mattress and its pillows next to me for making me week.

Do note, that virtually all African Americans and American Women, deny their own agency. The entire victim culture that is the squishy bedrock of modernity is self-denial of agency expressed in mass celebrity culture.

So who and what am I capable of hating?

Practically, individual men who are not slaves, who seek to do me harm, are worthy of hate.

Theoretically, a system which becomes self-aware and seeks to devour me, would also be worthy of hate.

A non-slave, tribe, gang or group of people who target me and mine, they are worthy of hate.

I have been in this mental place for 7 years now, had previously—under various work stresses—been unable to achieve this hateless state-of-mind. It has only been with my retreat from the workplace that living without hate has been possible.

So, to be specific, who do I hate?

I hate the police, with few exceptions.

I hate white men, with a lot of exceptions.

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