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Blowin’ ‘n the Wind
By Professor X

If there were no existing reasons to become a Darwinian nutjob survivalist, all the bad wind that has hit southern America and South America, supplies such reasons. The entire power grid has been fucked over down in Puerto Rico, and may not be restored for months, meaning a return to the 18th century, and no more music videos which chicks with big tits and bigger asses sshaking it all for us. Sad.

Sadder still was the St. Martin orgy of violence and chaos.

The academic literature, believe it or not, portrays humans in disaster situations as helpful and brave, and poo-poos the savage rat-like behavior that we all know truly characterizes the savage human rodent. In survivalism, we not only need to put away physical capital, but also the mental capital to survive, and that means eschewing bullshit philosophies of human nature such as Christianity and liberalism. Think original sin, sure, but no forgiveness. The human animals fight for resources on a meaningless rock orbiting a sun that is not bright enough to be seen from deep space, with no God anywhere in the cosmic dust bowl.

Turd America

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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