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The Harm City Charmer
James LaFond HQ: Parts 10 & 11

James LaFond HQ: Parts 10 & 11

Take a last look at James LaFond's potentially endangered living arrangements.

Part 10, Photos:

The Harm City Charmer shows you his friends on the bus and how to hold a pencil for lethal effect.

Love in Reverse

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MannySeptember 25, 2017 9:26 PM UTC

Hi James

Thanks for another look into the Modern Neanderathal lair. I hope you will live long in that Hurt Yurt.

Your offer on our prior email was too kind. Any blades received from you by me will be held in safekeeping for you or your heirs to be received at some future date.

I believe I have two women; one young,one older, that would benefit from the Khan's training. Unfortunately for you; in awareness and defense only.

Best regards, Manny