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‘No Man Comes Home from War’
Kong: Skull Island

Kong was one of the most enjoyable and least Politically Correct movies in recent years. The plot is right out of Edgar Rice Burroughs, combining elements The Land that Time Forgot and Pellucidar [his hollow earth] with H.P. Lovecraft’s To the Mountains of Madness...

Love in Reverse

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KoanicSeptember 26, 2017 9:31 PM UTC

Looks like it's about mudsharking.
responds:September 28, 2017 12:35 AM UTC

Actually, the sexual overtones between ape and blonde present in all previous Kongs is absent. The two sexual attractions are between the white male and female leads—who help Kong together rather than the man combating the ape for her—and between the Jap babe and the Mulatto genius.

Granted, the very size of this Kong makes any thought of even Barbie Doll fetish Kong courtship un enable.