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It’s A Strange Fuckin’ World Now
By Fred Beare

I saw this at Keith’s site:

and thought that it must be a joke, a Native American US Army veteran and former antifa now turned National Socialist:

Can you get more American than that?

Well, unfuckin’ believable. Anyway, we will see how it turns out for him. At least he has a decent haircut.

Then we have Emanuel Kidega Samson, a Sudanese refugee from Murfreesboro, going on a gunfire rampage in a White church in Antioch. He shot Melanie Smith in the back and then the head, and for his coup de grâce went inside the church and shot six more people including the pastor and his wife. The victims were all White.

Imagine if this was done, or even thought about by a White, how the Deep State minions would wail, and gnash their fangs. There has been a little coverage of this incident in the MSM, but no article I have seen mentions that the victims were all White. Maybe that is no conspiracy, because it is generally accepted by all that if you need to find a home for high velocity lead, there is no better place to house it than white flesh. Oh, somewhat unrelated, while you are shopping their have a peep at this little beauty: Go, boy/girl, go! And: This one was linked at the site as well, steaming hot.

It seems Samson was a Black Power radical:

In what coverage by the MSM is available it seems that Samson would have shot more Whites, but he was confronted by an usher, whom he pistol whipped, but in doing so, accidentally shot himself. Way to go!

Obviously, in prison he will have adequate time to refine his pistol-whipping techniques, and will emerge from his concrete cocoon, better at his trade.

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