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Holing Up
Where a Whirlwind Day of Mixed Fortune Spat Me

Yesterday I had a great burst of writing energy which exceeded my talent, received crushing personal news which I will not discuss in writing, spent an hour trying to talk a friend out of going to prison, had an unexpected visitor, had a consultation with my doctor, and received the news that Paladin Press is going out of business.

This caused me to head to work an hour early, rather than risk a 45-minute nap, whereupon I was followed by a Baltimore City Pig for ten minutes.

With said swine watching from his black cruiser, I forgot my promise not to run for the bus when the elderly driver failed to see me and I sprinted—collapsing my left knee. It was stupid and impulsive, but I really wanted to get away from that Pig.

Walking to work, I had a confrontation with four buck negroes who attempted to prevent my crossing Middle River Bridge.

Once at work, I found that my order ended up in the wrong state, resulting in a short night.

So I’m bailing, heading to the home of a trusted friend to write offline.

It’s hard to believe that I have gotten so soft in the nerves after only two weeks of rural and wilderness living that such shit has me shaking like I just survived a car accident.

So this dastard soul is ducking for cover to get his writing mind right.

I should be posting again on the 27th, unless I'm selected for Jury Duty, which would be mighty interesting...

Thanks for your support.

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