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Welcome Back
Jeremy Bentham on LaFond the Villain and Murican Civil War

“Mankind censure injustice fearing they may be the victims of it, and not because they shrink from committing it.”

•Plato, 427-347 B.C., “The Republic”

James, welcome back.

I trust you had an enjoyable holiday in the Rockies. Well gosh, how could you not? I mean gazing at the scenic western vistas and breathing clear, clean mountain air every day? It doesn’t get better than that.

…And drinking Coors beer, brewed from a mountain stream, it’ll set your head on fire and make your kidneys scream. Oh that’s right, you can buy it everywhere in the country now. Never mind.

It appears that even in your absence your fame has spread. Now you are the ‘I am Legend’ , the 'Robert Neville’ of Harm City. Such that black citizens of the Baltimore Negarchy are experiencing trepidation at the realization that you live and walk among them. It’s good to hear that your landlord has your back and possesses the moral courage to stand up to baseless and unjust complaints by tenants of color. That’s a rare thing these days, isn’t it? It’s more common for white men to fall all over themselves trying to placate minorities and/or women who voice any grievance, no matter how petty, frivolous, vindictive, erroneous or downright delusional said grievance might be. Certainty white normals are terrified of being called racist by blacks and thus will capitulate immediately to any demands made of them in order to avoid that appellation. ‘You will be made to care!’

One can only hope that Steve will find it in himself to continue to stand up to the social pressure that will be brought to bear on him.

I find it not at all ironic that white nationalists are having problems with you as well, James. From what you have described it appears you have endeavored throughout your life to treat people as individuals, regardless of their background. To deal with them on their merits. That is commendable. In fact it was ‘mighty white of you’, as they used to say. Treating people according to their merits is of course the way our putatively egalitarian society is supposed to work, isn’t it?

Unfortunately it’s like Machiavelli said, people will hate you for doing the right thing as much as for doing the wrong thing. People all say they want to be treated ‘fairly’, but that’s not really true, is it? Human beings don’t want to be treated fairly, they want to be treated ‘preferentially’. They fear that were they to be treated ‘fairly’ they might be found wanting and not get what they desire (kind of an ‘r’ versus ‘K’ thing, eh?). Preferential treatment is what the WN’s want and they hate you on account of your unwillingness to give it to them in the work environment. The constant refrain we get from blacks that they are not being treated fairly, when what most of them really want is preferential treatment. License to do whatever they want and act any way they want without suffering any adverse consequences. And the more provocative and annoying their conduct will be to whites the better. ‘Dindunuffin’.

Some WN’s feel you judge other whites too harshly and hold them to a higher standard of deportment than people of color. Well indeed, MOST whites expect better behavior from other whites than they do from POC. At the same time we understand that our fellow whites are frail, fallible, messed-up human beings too, yet we still expect more restraint and better conduct from them simply because they are white and should be capable of better. That’s why majority white neighborhoods’ are safer and more pleasant places to live, aren’t they? That’s why everyone including people of color want to move to the places where white people live and rule ironically enough. An advantage of being white is having to put up with a lot less ‘dumb shit’ in our neighborhoods. And there is s reason for that has nothing to do with racism or the faux notion of ‘white privilege’. Whites on both the political Left and Right have largely given up expecting blacks to ever behave like whites. The Talk: Non-Black Version by John Derbyshire

Even your good works on behalf of black people have earned you no love from the black community in the aggregate. You’re still the old white devil to them. Of course you personally understand this fully and have no illusions about it. That is the objective lesson for everybody else: in the race war your skin is your uniform. If your skin is white none of your good intentions or good works or humanity will matter when the black kids get angry.

We’ve also learned from what transpired in places like Bosnia that when the civil war goes hot and the shooting starts in earnest between the militant factions, there will be no staying neutral. Then everyone will have to pick a side as neither faction will have any use for fence-sitters or offer them any protection.

Hopefully though a hot civil war in America is still a ways off and for the time being nothing further will arise that could threaten to drag you into conflict against your will and/or otherwise distract you from your writing. Certainly we hope no such thing will drive you off the Internet. That would spoil all our fun.

Take care, James.


Rubbing Out Palefaces

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PRSeptember 29, 2017 11:15 AM UTC

Great quote, Manny. I feel that way all the time. The big problem with trouble these days is the lawfare that can impoverish your entire family. ANyone good at offshoring capital on here?

It occurred to me that blacks use the word, 'racist!' so often because whites fold up like a cheap suit so it's the easiest thing for blacks to do. Whenever called, 'racist!' by blacks, just respond, "That doesn't work on me." This says two things to the blacks: 1) You know they're up to no good using that word and 2) you're not one of these yuppie whites that fold up like a cheap suit. One time is all it takes.
MannySeptember 28, 2017 10:26 PM UTC

Thomas Paine Quotes

I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.