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Precious Angel Murphy? More like Avenging Angel Murphy! This Celtic amazon woman has a long record of delinquency. FYI rogue tow truck services have been engaging in various car theft schemes in Milwaukee. It is reported in other sources that Murphy’s boyfriend owns the tow truck she was driving.

“The events described in a criminal complaint against Precious A. Murphy would read like scenes from a screwball action comedy if not for the very serious consequences that resulted. Milwaukee police say Murphy led them on a brief chase while driving a loaded tow truck, then crashed into a minivan, nearly killing the driver. Then she endured Taser and pepper spray shots and bit an officer before escaping in a bystander's car and fleeing to western Wisconsin, where she checked into a hospital under an alias.”

Milwaukee woman charged in mayhem that followed chase in loaded tow truck

Milwaukee Woman, 29, crashes tow truck into van, carjacks man while trying to escape police.

Bruce Vielmetti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Published 10:47 a.m. CT Sept. 26, 2017 | Updated 12:29 p.m. CT Sept. 26, 2017


Precious Murphy(Photo: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office)

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