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The Undying Chuck Norris Rule
Anarcho-Tyranny Update

"Force can only be repelled by adequate countervailing force."

- Masaad Ayoob, Combat Firearms Expert 2008

“A federal appeals court in Seattle ruled Tuesday that police can only use force “proportional” to the threat they face, seriously damaging the Seattle Police Department’s ability to use firearms.”

It appears that the ‘Chuck Norris Rule’ has become codified into federal case law by the notoriously Left-leaning U.S. Ninth District federal court.

“What’s the Chuck Norris rule? As anyone who’s ever seen his family-friendly brand of martial-arts ass-kicking knows, the Chuck Norris rule is simple: Force can only be met with equal but not greater force. An evil ninja comes at you with fists, you use fists to defeat him. Kicks can be met with kicks. Weapons like a staff or a sword are only allowable when the bad guys use them first. And a gun? That’s only a permissible line of defense when the villain is firing directly at you with intent to kill.”

“In the Chuck Norris universe, this type of proportional response to villainy is mandated. It’s why, for eight seasons, CBS was able to promote Walker, Texas Ranger as family-friendly entertainment. At heart, the Chuck Norris rule is the direct antithesis of the “Chicago way” from The Untouchables.” Old White Guys and the Chuck Norris Rule The Chicago way.

Of course this means the ‘Ferguson Effect’ will continue apace. Violent crime in America’s major cities will increase as urban police forces become more legally restrained and psychologically intimidated, due to Leftist ‘law-fare’ as well as through their ability to apply relentless political and social pressure, and thus more reluctant to confront oppressed minority criminals. Said oppressed minority criminals are guaranteed then to become even bolder and mire vicious that they are now. More and more the law-abiding citizens in the major urban centers will have to see to their own defense.

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