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Wyman Park Dell: Gloria Victis
By Lynn Lockhart

James, I was surprised by how this series that you and Mescaline Franklin made affected me. I have never had any more than an average interest in the Civil War. I felt affronted by the mobs and motions to desecrate Civil War monuments mostly on aesthetic grounds, and of course, an instinctual aversion to smelly antifa mobs and whatever it is they say they want.

As the videos unfolded, I could see that you played the part of a latter day Plato, walking the grounds with your acolyte as you reached back into Plato's own era to reveal the meaning carved into the very landscape you trod...


Check out the extensive epilogue Lynn did to this video series as a well as the entire playlist.


Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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