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Echoes of the Blue and Gray
'I Treat You, Sir, As A Native of My Native State, Mississippi'


This montage of moving picture footage of Civil War veterans (complete with audio in some cases) is quite interesting. Worth your time and dovetails nicely with your monument survey. Around the 25 minute mark there are some brief interviews with black Confederate soldiers and bodyguards....Be warned the narration and music are sleep inducing (like if Ken Burns popped a bunch of downers).

I'd imagine that Ishmael, Mr. Finlay, and Mrs. Lockhart might find some interest in this too.

Take care,

-Nero the Pict

At 23 to 24 minutes one sees the spirit of reconciliation between those who fought still stubbornly persistent after 70 years, now forever lost, slain by the blind hate of a generation who never fought a war to its conclusion. Note that most of these men fought as teen agers, some as children, such as 81-year-old Marmaduke, the black, Confederate bugler.


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