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Dark Age America
By Eirik Bloodaxe

In the past I have despised the work of druid and spiritualist John Michael Greer:

It makes me want to go into a berserker rage and burn down the environment, and kill every furry, fluffy and feathered creature in sight, just to warm up.

However, then I read his “Dark Age America: Climate Change, Cultural Collapse, and the Hard Future Ahead,” (New society Publishers, gabriola island, 2016), I merely had a feeling of peace and inner comfort come over me, as I lovingly caressed my new girlfriend, a Remington 7615p pump, with an AR 15 mag up its twat. Sadly, no AR 15s here. This is a good book. I would be embarrassed if I could be embarrassed.

Greer’s book is a good read for the ordinary bloke about why the collapse is coming from the ecological side. Generally, our side of politics will have nothing to do with the environment, having long ago lost that battle to the Left. But, the environmental crisis, I believe is the answer that the likes of Jack Donovan is searching for. Someone like neo-anarchist Keith Preston at:

does not touch the environment issue either. Yet, it is the one force capable of smashing the system. Indeed, the Greer book shows that the days of industrial capitalism are numbered, and it will all grind to a halt.

This insight changes everything, especially political strategies, and tactics for personal survival. Yet, there is virtually no discussion of these issues, and little work done since the time of Garrett Hardin. So, have a look at the Greer book, then add the ethno-racial dimension, and you have a realistic vision of the future which is charging right up to us.

It means survivalism and neo-barbarianism in a new Dark Age. Get ready.

Turd America

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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