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Fourth Generation Sovereignty
Posted by Giovanni Dannato on September 29, 2017


"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

Why doesn’t the US take over Canada? It doesn’t need to. Both are seamlessly plugged into the same mass economy and international Western political and cultural system. On maps, there is an independent, internationally recognized nation known as Canada but taking that too seriously is to misunderstand how the system works.

Before the Western powers twice committed mass suicide, power relationships were more explicit and required more direct maintenance. Canada was little different back then except it was aligned with Britain instead of the US. Instead of pretending to be a truly independent entity it openly called itself an affiliate of the British Empire. Back then, as now, they sent their young men on command to fight pointless wars for their hegemon. To suppose such a political unit is really sovereign when it does not even have its own foreign policy is, of course, a joke.

Most non-Western political units in the world were explicit territories of colonial overlords run at least at the topmost levels by imperial administrators.

Then, after WW2, we are told, all these subservient satrapies suddenly found their independence and the world lived happily ever after...

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