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The King Barge
The Sea-Daddy Saga

Sea-Daddy is a senior gentleman from Faulkner’s country, who speaks with the considered cadence of Shelby Foote and the wit of George Carlin.

Boutique Companies and Texas Hats

It’s a thing, where pampered wealthy guys stand around and compare their holdings, so to speak, what they own and how cool it is. The smart ones would sell out immediately. The dumb ones would hang on and be exploited for a year or two and then sell to one of their friends.

The divers, the rules of diving, “if I ever had one like it, it’s mine.” Divers will steal and they do it instinctively and feel no guilt. They can rationalize any reason for stealing that you can imagine. They are ruthless and there is a competition as to who can steal the most. It’s like a gonif, [a Yiddish] word, a thief and dishonest, but kind of cute, so it’s okay, an interesting word that describes those guys...

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