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'Ain' Goin' Ta Hell By Myself'
A Heads Up from Baruch

Looks like things in Europe and the US are coming apart at an increasing rate of speed, which is good. There is no redeeming the West except through civil war.

Check this dude out:

Reminds me of a crack dealer from Detroit I knew in the Army-nice guy, I really got along with him.

...I don't think that dude is someone you want on your side when things go bad. Guys like him don't have a side. He said so himself-"I'm with whoever has the money." Look what he did to Maserati Rick-left him to get killed in his moment of vulnerability, by a guy he didn't even particularly like or trust (assuming he hadn't done it himself.)

Watching that interview, I'm amazed by what a bunch of dumb dindus those guys were, considering the amount of money they were making.

I mean, hanging out in clubs with all the other drug dealing dindus, all snitching on each other, flashing their dope money, having shootouts over who stepped on whose shoes, backstabbing each other over nothing, when it's clear that the guy you got together with to screw your boss will be screwing you next.

What did any of them get out of it in the medium term? Best case, a long jail sentence. Typically, dead or crippled.

From his description, the Colombians weren't any smarter.

So who were the geniuses setting up and running the whole thing?


The film clip above is from Al Profit's series of interviews for his Detroit Documentary, which was absolutely excellent. This dude copped to dozens of murders in court when he turned states evidence after his associates killed his brother. When Civil War comes, you don't want a guy like this for an enemy, but an ally.

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Sam J.October 2, 2017 5:25 PM UTC

If you like him you'll really like this guy.