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Killing in the Light of Day
With 35 Homicides in the last 30 Days, Harm City is at 270 Kills on the Year

An astounding number of killings this year have been committed during the day, as early as 630 a.m., when, this past Saturday, Bernard, arguing with his girlfriend at his Parkville Home, was made aware that she had called up her brother, who was idling in the street. Bernard and his father went outside and crouched down in front of the passenger side window to speak with his girl's brother, only to be greeted with a "pop-pop", sending one round through Bernard's eye and out the back of his head and another into his slightly older step-father's shoulder, dropping the wounded man on his dead son.

Such daylight killings by increasingly agitated Baltimoreans of all ages, and the ongoing Purge by teens and young men against any lone man, as well as the perennial drug war, is fueling a stellar post season for the Harm City Hoodrats.

Not only are there more daylight killings than usual, but more weekday killings compared to weekend slayings, and a pattern of killings of folks older than 25, all indicating that violence has now been dispersed among the general population.

Dawn in Dindustan

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