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“The shooting bears an eerie resemblance to the opening scene in Matt Bracken's dystopian novel, “Enemies Foreign And Domestic”.

We do not know what weapons were used, the background of the shooter, or his motives. Speculation abounds that the shooter is related to Antifa, or the left, because of the targeting of a country music festival.”

Yeah, no kidding! Like Dean Weingarten says this atrocity looks all the world like the false flag football stadium mass shooting that set the story line for Enemies Foreign and Domestic (2003). In that novel said crime leads to the total ban of all semi-automatic weapons in the USA, ala Australia and the Port Arthur Massacre 1996. Predictably Democrat politicians are pushing for more restrictive gun laws in the aftermath. What really makes you wonder about this incident is the fact that the perpetrator, Stephen Paddock, age 64, is a cypher. Was he a patsy? Outwardly he appeared to be a normal, socially well-adjusted and financially successful man. He is reported to have been apolitical and did not have anti-government and/or anti-American beliefs. There is almost nothing in his background that would suggest that he would break bad like this, especially so late in his life. Save for the fact that Paddock’s father was by all accounts a criminal psychopath, a serial bank robber and prison escapee who made it onto the F.B.I. ‘s Most Wanted List. That does suggests that Paddock could have been genetically predisposed to some sort of sociopathic or narcissistic personality disorder like his father. But again there appears to be no history of abnormal behavior (at least none that has come to light thus far). Who or what was Paddock trying to get revenge against, and on whose behalf? "Cui bono” (for whose benefit)?

My, how have things changed! Not too long ago a rational person would have been inclined to dismiss all conspiracy theories connected with such a crime. People really aren’t clever and /or reliable enough to pull off these alleged byzantine plots. It’s much harder to keep things covered up than it was in past times. For one, it’s impossible to get people to keep their mouths shut for very long these days. In the real world Clark Kent would tell Lois Lane he was Superman inside a week. Usually the motivation behind a crime is pretty transparent. As it may be now.

Now barely concealed conspiracies and plots to destroy the country and depose the President abound. People in high and low station are publically expressing their hatred for America, their hatred for President Trump and their hatred for the people who support him. They actually speak out about how they desire to see Trump and his supporters all killed: “Top CBS lawyer is fired after writing that she has 'no sympathy' for Vegas victims because they were 'probably gun-toting Republicans'”, read more:

Also, let’s not forget about James T. Hodgkinson, the deranged Bernie Sanders supporter who attempted to murder Republican congressmen in D.C. earlier this year:

So that was then, this is now. Is there a deep, dark conspiracy behind the Mandalay Bay Mass Murder or is it merely part and parcel of an open and notorious consensus on the part of lunatic Leftists, in both public and private life, who fear and hate God-Emperor Donald Trump with unreasoning passion and want bloody revenge against the everyday Americans who voted him into office?

Fill your hand and watch your six.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Mandalay Bay Mass Murder in Las Vegas Details Sparse, probably 100 rd mags

Image from Youtube

There has been another horrific mass murder. This one was perpetrated in Las Vegas. Attendees at the Route 91 country music festival were targeted. The shooting occurred at about 10:30 p.m. at the Mandalay Bay outdoor location.

A shooter fired down on the crowd from a hotel balcony, reportedly from the 32nd floor.

The shooting bears an eerie resemblance to the opening scene in Matt Bracken's distopian novel, "Enemies Foreign and Domestic".

We do not know what weapons were used, the background of the shooter, or his motives.

Speculation abounds that the shooter is related to Antifa, or the left, because of the targeting of a country music festival.

We do not know much at this time.

A retired firearms police instructor has listened to Youtube videos of the event. At least 10 seconds of uninterrupted fire. That translates to 100 rounds at a reasonable cyclic rate. Hundreds of rounds fired. There were 20-30 seconds between bursts, which indicates a long time for a magazine change or a rifle jam.

There are reports that several rifles were found in the hotel room, which had been booked well in advance. Numbers of eight and ten have been reported.

Update: the Route 91 Harvest Festival is a gun free zone.

There appears to have been considerable planning involved. The gunman moved around a lot. The house he purchased in Florida was only occupied a couple of months out of two years.

Update: Father of shooter was on FBI most wanted list for a long time. Shooter described himself as "professional gambler and world traveller. From Orlando Sentinel:

She said he described himself as a world traveler and "professional gambler by trade" and said he once showed her a picture of himself winning a $20,000 slot-machine jackpot.

Shooter does not appear to have children. Brother Eric does not appear to have children. Not sure if there are other family members.

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