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Wolf Age
By Fred Beare

Wolf Age

By Fred Beare

Brothers may fight

and fell each other,

may sisters' sons

kinship stain;

hard is in the home,

whoredom severe;

axe-age, sword-age,

shields cloven,

wind-age, wolf-age,

ere the world falls;

no men will

each other spare.

Poetic Edda, Völuspá, stanza 45

Looks like we are fast moving into apocalypse mode; recently ISIS (?) converted White gunman, Stephen Paddock, slaughtering primarily White Americans at the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest festival:

The alleged ISIS convert, is one theory, and it may fit in with claims that about 45 minutes before the shooting a Hispanic women said that “you’re all going to fucking die”:

Plenty does not add up about this, especially the full-auto fire, as Normies are not likely to have any full-auto weapons:

That could be all wrong, or the truth, meaning that Paddock was not a lone nut. Whatever the truth about this is, the attack at a country music festival was a racial attack upon Whites, for country music is the last part of White, primarily Southern culture, and it too, must be destroyed.

So, we don’t and may not know what made this, possibly Leftoid baby boomer go boom, and what took the padlock off of Paddock’s paddock, and let the wolves out. Interracial couplings apparently did not make him a John Lennon, but instead, a Mark David Chapman, with his own personal catcher in the rye. False flag, Manchurian candidate, it is all possible, and maybe all of the above.

Fuck, thank god for randomness in the universe; we were intending to attend the festival being country music fans, but both of my sex slaves were ill at the same time with the monthlies, so I did not go. Who know, they may have collected a bullet. I would have been beside myself for about 10 minutes, before looking for replacement pussy.

Moving right along…we have the case of a British female hiker who was torn apart and devoured by a pack of wolves, who were not of discerning taste:

Humans have been said to be not very tasty for animal predators, humans being regarded as the junk food of the world, so this woman really had bad luck. Or, it could be that human expansion has led to wolf food resources diminishing, so wolves are having to eat low and turn to human prey. Hard times.

Maybe the wolves could do a deal with ISIS for their leftovers? Or, the wolves could become fully fledged ISIS agents? Stranger things have happened.

A vision of America’s near term extinction, Puerto Rico on every street:

Most people are unprepared and will die:

I would never have guessed that, quite incredible, really.

That should wipe the smile off of the Leftoid dial, even that of gun-banning politically correct Establishment Darwinists:

Jesus, I am never going to finish this article because I just keep getting more cucky fucky items. How about Canadian weak man Justin Trudeau rattling on about ending “White supremacy,” after a Somali refugee killed a White police officer with a knife, after first ramming his car?

What the fuck? Now, even Whites being murdered is “white supremacy,” and that this shows that “our diversity is our strength.” Can we go lower than this? Stay tuned for my next article, tapping the depths of decadence and decay.

Or, just press the red button and put this planet out of its misery.

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