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The Meta-Zoological View of Race over Culture

‘Pure-bloods count for less than one percent of the American Indian Population’

- Rebel Yell 227: Chief Snapping Turtle, National Native Action Front 9-23-17

American Indians have been more segregated from the rest of the American population since the institution of the reservation system. Yet, virtually all of them are mixed race. It stands to reason that much of this race-mixing, much of which was voluntary intermarriage between white men and the daughters of allied tribesmen, occurred before the reservation system was in place.

Of course, this is much denied, although the truth is genetically painted on the faces of today’s white Indians. It is further reprehensible that the “one drop rule” that treated African blood as a genetic poison, is applied to determining Native American ancestry, by applying the slave rule of one eighth, that a person with 15 white ancestors and 1 Indian ancestor is all Indian. Especially egregious is the fact that this imported, Old World, meta-zoological view of race is being applied to peoples who historically embraced a cultural notion of tribe over and above any Christian or scientific designation of racial identity.

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