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‘Especially Loudmouthed People’
Secrets of a Mafia Hitman RICHARD KUKLINSKI

What kind of idiot do you have to be to not pay this man the money you owe him?

There are a lot or redeeming qualities to Kuklinski, for instance, killing a guy that owed him $1.6 K and then only taking what was owed and putting the rest of the money back in his pocket.

On the other hand there is the monster who experimented on killing by just murdering a stranger.

Then again, he was a dotting father and devoted husband who brought none of his evil to the attention of the innocents that inhabited his refuge.

Kuklinski was a close to pure predator, created by accident by a brutal father, but never able to shed all of his humanity.

This guy even disguised himself as a gay person to kill a guy and, in describing it, almost apologized to gay people for speaking ill of them.

His sensitivity to light makes him a kind of real superhero with a crucial flaw.

I like the Ice Man.

If a known felon threatened my family, I hope I would do the same thing Kuklinski did.

For his best line, go to 32:00 and wait for the leg.

Below is a comment from the You Tube feed:

Richard Pavlik2 months ago

Viciously murders over 100 people. He burns people to death, shoots, stabs, and poisons and is worried about offending gay people. That’s funny as shit.

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BobOctober 4, 2017 3:49 AM UTC

I read the Carlo book and was transfixed. This documentary was really good, too. But, he was an outright liar. Some of his claims just don't ring true. I mean they're outlandish.