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Beyond the Bumper Crop
The Checkered Demon Heads to the Gun Shop

I went to town for a haircut, and then stopped by the Tac gun store, tied dog outside and entered thinking of 308 match ammo. I stood before bare shelves wondering, when big Ed came over grinning.

We greeted, and he said, "Too late again."

"For what? 308 match?"

"Not a round of 308, 223, 7.62x39 mil-spec left. All sold yesterday."

We shook our heads and such.

"Did that sound like a bump-stock to you," I asked, because it had in the recordings I had heard. A chug chug sound like a BAR rather than the rattle of a light machine gun.

Big Ed, managing a class 3 gun store said, "That's what it sounds like to me."

"This may be another Democrat nut-job," I ventured.

"Could well be, or something else," he said as he walked away.

I bought some Elk loads and left.

I hear the Internet commandos saying shit like :If it is time to bury your guns, it is really time to dig them up."

That was actually a while ago.

A man without something extra somewhere just ain't planning ahead in the today.

-Checkered Demon

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