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‘Your Neanderthal Quotient’
Some Speculative Science from Psychology Today

I don't know if this study has any validity, but I thought you might like it

-Bart Maney

Thanks, Bart.

Keep in mind that all of the surviving Neanderthal DNA is paternal and that these individuals probably put this into our genome via rape. I completely reject the consensus among those studying Neanderthals that their extinction is over stated and not as catastrophic as earlier supposed—this is the erasure of a human species—not merely a race—except for the trace elements of their counter-predation remaining in our blood.

I take the conclusion of this project as less important than the conducting of it and think it could have future applications. That said, the behavioral package below points to the Neanderthal legacy being in line with Stan Gooch’s old theory, that the larger Neanderthal brain, which was not used to advance technologically past the point of achieving a thriving harmony with one of the world’s harshest environment, was reserved for contemplation of that which is greater than the thinker, of transcendence.

Read the tendencies below and you might place any number of European poets, apostates, artists, or even pulp figures like Robert E. Howard, in the internal Neanderthal diaspora.

People who scored high in NQ were found to be significantly high on the dimensions of:

• Social fear

• Sociosexuality (~promiscuity)

• Depressive tendencies

• Bipolar tendencies

• Autistic tendencies

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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Tony RoostersOctober 4, 2017 1:13 PM UTC

I've read that red hair and green eyes are both Neanderthal traits, and according to some pointy headed geneticists, both will disappear within 300 years, as they are recessive traits. Quite a scary thought to me, as my family abounds with red hair and green eyes. I have a hunch that neither will disappear in that time frame though.
responds:October 4, 2017 5:40 PM UTC

These geneticists want these traits to disappear in their quest for one golden-skinned race. Of course, red hair, a Neanderthal trait, has been incredibly persistent, hasn't it.

Their evil wishful thinking is flawed in more than one way.