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Killing Surge in Harm City
More Daylight Killing, Older Victims and an Increase in Killings Per Day

Note that all midweek murders were of middle-aged to elderly, that the senior and one of the 40—year-old men were slain during daylight hours, and that with the killing of Robert Breen a few blocks from where 79 year-old Caucasian Gerald Long was stabbed to death early this year, that we have a clear pattern of extreme black-on-white predation in the Cedonia-Hazelwood area.

2017-10-04 10:30 AM, <Unreleased>, 1300 W Fayette St, 40, male, Unknown

2017-10-03 2:07 PM, Robert Breen, 5500 Summerfield Ave, 68, male, White

2017-10-02 8:00 PM, Leonard Carolina, 2700 Riggs Ave, 40, male, Black

Killings on the year are at 273, with back to school violence continuing to accelerate to 35 killings in 30 days, with 10 in the last 7 days. Baltimore City schools are increasingly serving as martialing areas for violent criminal enterprises.

In 2008 Baltimore saw 234 killings all year, which was surpassed in mid-August of this year, with less population density.

2009 and 210 saw 240 and 224 killings, respectively.

In 2011 and 2012 killings fell to 197 and 217.

In 2013 and 2014 killings rose to 235 and fell to 211.

In 2015 killings surged to 344 with the Freddie Grey riots and purge.

In 2016 killings settled out at 318, which, taking into account the urban flight caused by the riots and purge, still had Baltimore seeing an increase in killings per capita.

If murders continue at their current rate for the remainder of the year [which is unlikely] we may expect a record number of killings on the year. With 88 days left in the year, if killings continue at the current rate, Baltimore will have 90 more homicides, for a total of 363.

This researcher's best estimate is 340 killings for 2017, which would make it the deadliest year ever, per capita.

If killings exceed 350 the political fallout may be significant.

Only one thing is certain about the violence trends in Baltimore, that this city was dramatically transformed in 2015 and that we are in the third year of an entirely new Baltimore, a place twice as deadly and five times as dangerous as it was a mere ten years ago.

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