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Timeline for White Extermination
By Professor X

My, my, the Dark Lords of Infinite Evil, move quickly, from picking off lone individuals, to wasting vast populations. And, Las Vegas’ turkey hunt was just the beginning. As I see it, Trump will be made into a peach quicker than we imagined. Probably McCancer replaces him, and immediately moves to eliminate the Second Amendment. There is a lot of talk by Red White and Bluers about taking guns from their cold, dead hands, so this is arranged.

Only the hands are not cold, but burnt to ashes by incendiary drones and chemical weapons. Compounds of die-hards are hit by cruise missiles. Tanks roll out in a show of force, crushing anyone who raises their heads, like in China’s Tiananmen Square protests of May 19, 1989. Maybe the odd neutron bomb is dropped on survivalists in mountain regions just to show that the Deep State is not fucking around. Whites surrender their guns, even their knives, so fast that the globalists have to fly in special help from China and North Korea, new US allies, to process everything. Guns go in one door, and out the back into the hands of gangs, who are given the blessings of the System to rape, plunder and murder, as they always have. Now, though, it is down OUR street. The age of the warlord arrives. It was always there, below the surface, but now it is in your face, literally.

I really hope that they don’t call me a RACIST while I am being tortured and slowly roasted in a barbecue, with a giant skewer through my mouth, coming out of my butt, because that would really hurt.


Not much on the allegations that Paddock attacked two aviation fuel tanks about 1,100 feet from the concert:

The 5.56 mm lead did not penetrate sufficient to cause an explosion. Who still thinks this guy was a lone wolf – certainly not the Las Vegas sheriff.

Turd America

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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