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Slavery, Alive and Well
By Tony Rooster

Dear James,

Not sure if you've seen this yet. Just another example of slavery being alive and well here in the 21st century. All the hip young progressives who wear red stars and Che shirts, devoting their time and energy to fighting against vague concepts and 100 year old statues seem altogether silent on the starving masses in socialist Venezuela, or the ongoing slavery happening within communist Chinese factories. Maybe if they punch enough Nazis, injustice will magically cease to exist.

You know, I realize that Walmart is the biggest US grocery seller, but really, who are these folks buying groceries at Walmart? As far as I know, seafood is the only food item required to have country of origin labeling. I'm not one of them gluten free, organic, tofu farting doily makers, but damn, even I refuse to eat anything that I don't know for a fact came from here or Canada.

Then again, you know farmers have to switch to a different pesticide every few years, as the bugs become immune to the poison. Maybe in another couple generations, humans will be thriving on processed garbage, and unable to consume fresh unprocessed foods.

Tony, the last time I worked frozen food [18 months ago] all of the store brand vegetables were from China and much of the name brand vegetables were from all over, mostly Central and South America. You ought to read the source on orange juice concentrate, or any OJ that is not a premium label out of Florida. You will find that you "may" be drinking orange juice pulp from at least three nations, one being Brazil. But the packer really doesn't know!,-restaurants

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