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Happily Ever Under
The History of the Sexes According to Jack and Jill Kindle Edition

How has mankind managed to shackle itself to various forms of servitude, slavery, debasement and oppression over the ages?

Recently, while talking to a homeless couple at an East Baltimore bus stop, the author, James LaFond, discovered that their names were Jack and Jill, that they are 33,000 years old, and that they knew the ten answers to this ages old question! These two claimed to know everything about the enslavement of mankind, but soon fell into a violent argument over the fate of a piece of Sumerian crockery. Before he was able to finish his interview, Jack and Jill had been tazed, cuffed and dragged off in the back of a paddy wagon by responding Baltimore City police officers, leaving him to fill in the blanks as best he could.

Happily Ever Under is their story.

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