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A Monumental Man Question

Reading Dean Weingarten’s expose of Paddock’s charmed financial life, I had a secular epiphany. Here’s a guy living the James Bond/Playboy lifestyle with private planes, high-stakes gambling, and money raining down out of the sky, and yet his “go-to” gal is not some willowy temptress who would “make a bishop kick a hole in a stain-glass window”. Instead, he is rockin’ the casbah with a lumpy, dumpy 62-year-old who looks like every female shopper at my local Wal-Mart. Since “women get the highest-value man their looks can attract, and men get the highest- value woman their money/status can attract”, something doesn’t add up.

The only analogy to his Filipino floozy that comes to mind is Angela Lansbury in the (original) Manchurian Candidate.

What say you?


Indeed, Shep as a man who has seriously combed the pages of Filipino and Chinese bride catalogs I was able to find nothing attractive about his supposed girlfriend, who, I gather had a much more useful purpose—as a seduction force multiplier you might say.

Dude, with that kind of dough and lifestyle, the last thing you need is a significant other, you want a proficient den mother!

Instead of being taken over and over gain by broad after broad, you hire a queen bitch, some battle axe who used to manage a brothel, and you pay her good to acquire and dismiss what the man living the James Bond life style needs, not a significant other but a magnificent lover—who will not be tempted to stalk you, for fear of running afoul of she who has every reason to hate her and knows every trick in the ho playbook.

On Bitches

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ShepOctober 7, 2017 12:36 AM UTC

Solid insight, James.

Also, you read me like a book: While others are dissecting the strategic, tactical, and logistical aspects of an event, I just stampede directly toward the gutter!
MannyOctober 6, 2017 7:28 PM UTC

Hi James. The Khan's wisdom on this seems on the money. And poetry too. I noticed in that pic of him drunk and hoisting a shot that a much younger Asian girl seemed pressing against him. Not the battleaxe. Although she was still no great looker. This guys life seems really unusual. Best regards, Manny.