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Erase the Wicked Race
Baltimore Residents Want to Remove one of the Nation's Oldest Monuments

Since the obelisk to honor Christopher Columbus, which was erected in 1792 by Frenchman Chevelier d'Anemours on his estate, and has resided at the intersection of Harford Road, Walther Boulevard and Argonne Drive, at Herring Run Park, since 1963—coincidentally this writer's birthday—was attacked by a Cultural Erasure team in August, heroic councilman Ryan Dorsey has polled the simpering slaves of the Compliance State in the surrounding neighborhood [mostly affluent whites] and has determined that residents want the evil monument to racism, genocide and oppression to be replaced by a shining beacon testifying to their white guilt.

Baltimore is on the cutting edge in the race to erase every trace of that most evil race.

The history of the future will begin in 2008, Year One in the Social Justice Millennium.

It shall be quite telling when the guilty classes of Baltimore vote to have old graveyards paved over for skateboard parks and homeless camps.

Mescaline Franklin took some photos of the obelisk about the time it was vandalized. These will be published in The Last White Man in Baltimore.

This punk named Ty should be mayor of Baltimore some day.

Get used to it, people of European descent, your new masters will erase every trace of your pale face.

For Ty's information, some Taino Indians loved Columbus so much that they paddled a small canoe across the Caribbean to save him as his fourth expedition—his fourth journey into the utter unknown, ended in disaster.

Pissing off the Mob in Gotham.

I love it—the worst city in the world is eating itself alive, too, not just this pit of sin on the Chesapeake Bay.

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