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‘Be a Man’
Why You need to change ALL your plans for the Future

Varg is developing a fatalistic sense of urgency where long term survival is concerned and I love his default advice—be a man! That is often as simple as being honest with yourself about your actual relationship with the higher orders of society. Women and sissies see those forces as existing to take care of the weak, the unimportant, the sick, the hopeless. But the man sees the ruling classes for what they are, the machinery of systemic predation, those ghouls who feast first on our souls before profiting from the life cycle of our bodies.

The fourth video down is on the Toba Super Eruption or The Bottleneck Event, which gave the Neanderthal a new lease on life as their invaders were decimated nine times over. The next, likely super eruption from a caldera should come from Yellowstone. I wrote a novella about this event titled Comes the Six Winter Night.

The Lies That Bind Us

The Foundational Falsehoods of the American Dream

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