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‘Mass Trauma Events’
Jay Dyer - The Strange Facets of the Las Vegas Shooting

Atomizing society through trauma and psychological warfare and such scares as serial killers help create an apathetic and catatonic population.

Unknown to the two speakers, the basis for this is the feminization of society. Women and sissies are not just easy to frighten into compliance but they are, once frightened, easily comforted, which is the key dynamic:

-A simple, non-complex cause [a single-shooter]

-A simple, generalized, non-specific, passive solution [the media group hug of mutual false understanding] a meta-unity

Framing this is the tapestry of the new martyr cults, which will become the A.D. keystone of the new sacral order. The need to establish this false historical foundation is the driving force behind the need to erase history.

Jay Dyer is wrong about gunshot survival rates. This figure is based on handgun, not long gun usage and does not even hold up in Baltimore, were survival rates are only about 70%

The Lies That Bind Us

The Foundational Falsehoods of the American Dream

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