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The Insane God
Sunday School with the America Psycho

Back in the looney bin again having had a mental episode, I am loaded up with Big Pharma meds, and thinking clearly. The doctor said, after jabbing my genitals and anal hole with a cattle prod, that I could write a LaFond article to calm me down. Nothing racist, violent, anti-tranny or degrading to women. Shit, that does not leave me much to talk about. Then it struck me; the answer to all the theological problems. Quick, note it down before clarity flees….

Look, go on a site like:

How can a good all-powerful God allow evil in the world? Can an all-powerful God make a stone too heavy to lift? And so on. Philosophers think about such questions, with one hand on their strap-on dildos.

All of this presupposes that God is a consistent entity. But It is not! God is inconsistent, or paraconsistent, as some logicians think objects like the set of all sets not elements of themselves, are:

But, insane as well. This God has morally inconsistent attributes, being good, and evil, like most of us, but also either all-powerful, but inconsistent, or limited in power. As well, this God either does not care a fuck about this planet, having abandoned it as a long passed turd, or sometimes takes delight in misery and destruction. It created things of beauty, only to rejoice in seeing them ultimately destroyed. We all know people like this, but now we know that the entire multiverse is at the mercy of such a fucker. Even Lucifer must shit on Her tail in fear of the insane universe. How else to explain the absurdity of quantum mechanics?

Hell, like Dante’s “Inferno”? Sure, why not? Consider it just another form of entertainment, Saturday night at the cosmic movies. The multiverse is thus under the rule of a psycho and we should be terrified because eternal damnation awaits us, especially those who are moral and do “good.” There is no escape because we have been created to be destroyed. Hence aging, disease and death. Every fucking thing explained.

Suck on that Christianity! Tired now…brain hurts… sleep meds must be kick…..

Turd America

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