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Short Fiction 2017

As usual, nonfiction writing commitments have knocked those novels in progress, being Seven Moons Deep [for the seventh year, 59,000 words], The Spiral Case [for the 5th year, 24,000 words], Yusef of the Dusk and Sold into next year.

I intend to finish these books between January 1 and March 20.

But that story telling bug remains.

The fiction I intend to write between now and Christmas are:

Hellbound, a horror short.

Thunderbird, a fantasy short. [Based on a suggestion by Ishmael]

Skanks Shiving: a Harm City Thanksgiving, a horror short.

The Negotiator, with Joseph Bellofatto, a science-fiction short. [Joseph outlined the entire story, leaving the dialogue and scene execution to me.]

Animal Control a fantasy novelette.

Skulker Jones: A Tale of Dark Deviltry at the End of Caucasian Time

Skulker Jones is the sequel to A Hoodrat Halloween and an urban horror tale of a failed man looking for a final saving grace.

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