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Harvey Weinstein for President 2020!
By American Psycho

American Psycho here, who at present is a patient/inmate in an insane asylum/mental hospital, endorses Harvey Weinstein for the next president of the United States of America.

First, I love him because he is Jewish, like most of the fine psychiatrists in this hospital. Intelligence and sheer chutzpah. I know that they care deeply about my personal welfare, and in my own crazy way, I appreciate it, even though I did have a relapse last night, breaking one doctor’s arm.

Anyway, the best thing about Harvey is his healthy attitude to women. Why, all of us defended Trump when he talked about grabbing pussy, but this guy got busy, and was so charismatic, with his finely muscled abs, that one actress even got a fake tattoo of his name on her butt. If I ever get out into the fresh air again, I am going to do the same. For you, Harvey, for you.

I really like this story, which has been a living inspiration to me:

The female reporter rejected Harvey’s advances, made at a nightclub. So, quick as a flash, he whips out his circumcised cock, and jacks off in front of her, cum spraying all over a potted plant. The plant is apparently now suing too for sexual harassment.

This story was so inspirational, that I tried it too, and ended up being arrested. When I pleaded that I was really Harvey Weinstein, and that it was my right to jack off and cum over pot plants, I ended up in the bin.

In the end, in this fairy tale, we all do live happily ever after.

Turd America

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BobOctober 9, 2017 1:33 AM UTC

The fact that this comparatively mild boorish behavior is coming to light now is probably just the result of some business or some personal dealings that went sour in a big way. The more salacious stories concerning abuse of minors are yet to be written. Hollywood damage-control is something splendid to behold. A scripted apology expressing contrition, some sex-addiction therapy, donations towards breast-cancer research, and we're back making hate-whitey movies in no time.