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Retro-Racial Politics in the Media Lab
Revolutionary News about Neanderthals!?

At a recent Viking exhibit I visited, the presentation ended with a picture of a salacious-looking mixed race girl in pink cutewear and Viking helmet, with a declaration that she was the future Viking. As much as I might agree with most the hands on any Viking ship that that particular Quadroon cutie would make for fine sport between the sealskins and the bearskins, I could not help but note that those who put on this exhibit seemed to hope that no inheritors of the paleface kind would remain to view future exhibits.

Along these lines the video below discusses the now important theme of the establishment that palefaces of European descent are uniquely defective and that all darker-skinned folk share some holy genetic writ to the greater angels of human nature. This is the opposite of the fact that mankind is—in broadest terms—genetically split along to main branches—those whose primordial ancestors never left Africa to mix with Neanderthal of other archaic strains of humanity, and those who did.

As Varg points out in the video below, the preference for the 180 degree lie is becoming a default setting for our media priesthood.

Who Created These Norms Anyway?

Clown or Hyena, It Doesn't Matter to Me

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