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Sword and Shield Championship
Knights fighting - Evgeniy Bedenko vs. Ivan Vasilev, M-1 Medieval - M-1 Challenge 56, Moscow

This combat is so much better than what I have seen from the likes of the SCA that I am thrilled.

However, any sport will push the athletes to game the equipment and the rules.

The inability to thrust makes the shield the primary shock weapon as one may not slide the point through the eye slit to end it instantly. Also, note that there is no attempt to guard the relatively unarmed armpit, a prime location for stabbing armored foes and a nasty place to get stabbed with a blunt when unarmored.

Also, the guards are very open and not warding as they would be without armor or with sharps. These guys are wide open for throat stabs.

I would love to see this fight with minimal gear: Gauntlets, cup and fencing mask, with thrusts allowed. Those swords flex and when dull would not go into the body but show an obvious point.

Viewed within the equipment limitations, I very much enjoyed this duel.

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields: The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting

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