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The Greatest Sin
The Columbus Day Lesson

The following graphic has a lot of messages that all say the same thing, but not what the publisher of this childish picture-rant think they say.

Columbus made his landmark journey for many reasons, good, evil and neither.

He was a flawed man:

He was a man of his time.

He was a white man.

He was a patriarch.

He was a colonizer.

He was a capitalist [Although he didn't know what that was, ignorance is no excuse when being tried by a jury 500 years in the future.]

He was a slave owner.

He was heterosexual.

Columbus was, by the postmodern definition, irreconcilably evil on all seven of those counts.

Those sins are the reasons why certain folks, like the communist half-breed who posted this graphic, wish for him to be erased from the historical record and replaced with some affected fable of non-violent, feminist, vegetarian Native Americans who never tortured men or sacrificed women.

Those charges of race-based evil will be argued as virtues by the targeted population, those whites not yet replaced by Africans and Asians and the natives of some other America.

But these reasons are not why The System will go along with the Left in erasing Columbus from history. The System will condone Columbus' erasure because of the sin he committed against it and all systems, a sin recognized as such in its day, by the numerous systems which tried to stop him from taking his voyage—a voyage which became four harrowing tragedies in which he suffered greatly.

The reason why Christopher Columbus will be erased from history is much simpler than all of those charges named in the childish graphic linked below.

Columbus must be wiped from our collective human consciousness because HE DARED.

In the numberless, all-seeing eyes of The System, no sin is greater.

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