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The Day of the Rope
By Lucas McKane

It is nice to dream of victory, of finally destroying our ancient, and recent enemies, and at last being able to get a goodnight’s sleep, without waking during the night, in fright, and finding one’s gun already in one’s hand.

This blog discusses “Restorative Justice: The Nuremberg Option”:

using the example of the Nuremberg trials as a victor’s justice that was restorative, and did not have any socially disruptive kick-back.

I think the example chosen is a poor one given the many objections that have been raised to the legality of those trials, but most importantly the fundamental starting point is wrong. It is unlikely that there could be too strong a use of punishment after the coming grand apocalypse, for people would have gone through hell’s hell, and survivors would be hard and cruel, beyond anything human beings have been. Bring it on!

The only real question will be, that under the new rule of law, will there be enough rope made to execute justice? Would death by firing squad deplete scarce ammunition reserves? If beheading is turned to, will there be enough axes and other blades, and tradesmen to sharpen execution axes?

The great lesbian god in the sky needs something to do, so let Her sort out the moral problems.

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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