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Why the Alt-Right Will Win by Way of the World

The video below is a level-headed, sensible, rational, well-considered argument which posits that those humans who wish to preserve their traditions, their genetic heritage, their values and any form of decency and freedom of association, are in the ascendant at the bottom of an upward arc.

Every item discussed is clear.

I detected none of the falsehoods or half truths or egregious omissions that make up most arguments on the Left and on the Right.

However, the engagement of the emotive civilized sense of justice, this deluded idea that Right and Left are engaged in dialogue, taking part in an argument before an empowered electorate, utterly fails to take into account the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

The current ideological battle between the Leftist majority and the Rightest minority in Western media and politics is not a contest over which worldview shall gain control of the apparatus of international post-governance.

The Right thinks that the Left are trying to seize control of the mechanisms of international finance and national policy.

The Left even thinks that the Left is seeking world rule.

The fact is, that the Left serves world rule such as it is and as it intends to be and the Right threatens to abolish or curtail that world rule.

This is no contest over who shall take over the mechanisms of rule, but who shall find favor with those who rule—shall it be those who wish to serve them or those who wish to displace them?

How can this remain such a mystery?

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