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Cappin' Niggaz Durin' Da Week
Harm City Hoodrats Stop Working Weekends? Whuzz Up Whit Dat?

Okay, so if T-Dawg, Snoop-Bone, Spicadaclit and Raw Dawg are going to do their Fred McMurray imitation, you couldn't expect much more than them moving their business hours to the weekday.

Last 7 Days

6 kills in 7 days, with only 1 in 6 on a weekend [and that before lunch]. This could be in response to the City Administration focusing on curtailing weekend handgun crimes through NGO shaming tactics. Only one killing was during the day, which is a softening of the blatant trend in recent weeks.

Last 30 Days

35 kills in the last 30 days, though most of these come from the first half of the period, so expect a drop in bodies dropped. At a rate of 30 per month, last year's total killings will be surpassed by Thanksgiving, which would permit the entire team to take off the month of December and chill...

Cracker Whacking?

"With only 19 crackers out of 280 killed, the Harm City Hoodrats are posting a dismal race war score of about 5%, which is the margin of error on national polls, en dem bitchez couldn't call an election! This shit is unexceptional!"

-Justin W. R. Justice, contributing

Year To Date Body Count

280, about 1 death for every 50,000 Harm Citizens.

Dawn in Dindustan

Conducting the Moral Autopsy 0f a Nation

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