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White Supremacist Sighting in Harm City!
The Crime Was Comitted at 666 Caucasian Avenue

Sensei Steve, on the way to teach his karate class of color, was about to saddle up in the WWII Vintage Little Willie Jeep he still drives around, when he looked down the driveway and saw what was concerning his neighbors, who seemed disturbed by the thwacking, rapping and thumping coming from the bottom of his driveway.

There, in his multicultural driveway, on the very property he assured concerned neighbors that he would never permit a white supremacist to set foot, was an old white coon, wielding a stick as if he were old Nathan Bedford Forest himself, sending an uppity buck back into the cotton fields with a good hiding with his prized, hickory axe handle...

Dumbstruck with horror, Sensei Steeve walked numbly down his driveway, where his longtime roommate and eccentric friend—who he had recently assured neighbors was not a white supremacist—was busily beating a young black man with stick, scolding him for his every misstep as well!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," said the good man as the hiding ceased and the two took of their fencing masks, "Mister Jim, so it is true, you are a white supremacist! What really caught my attention is you were hitting a man who is wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt!"

We all laughed and Erique motioned to the grey-bearded white devil, "White supremacist? James is the blackest white man I know!"

Steve then invited us to put on a sparring exhibition for his karate class and suggested that Erique also procure a T-shirt with the Stars and Bars on it, so we can have a proper Halloween matchup.

It is always fun when a magic negro and a white devil make mischief together.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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