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Within the Meat-Puppet Politic
With Mascaline Franklin

Within the Meat-Puppet Politic I walked today, with young mescaline prowling by my side, frightening the feral salve minds ambling about in their atrophied masses. This, after eh and African-Scottish-Cherokee warrior, Erique and he sparred for an hour this morning in the Harm City Rain. e journeyed to the book store, photographed a defaced war monument, photographed the interior and exterior for my next Harm City book, Across Middle River Bridge, brought Steevo Bristol a war sword—after all, if he is to be the next ghetto grocer he must have a weapon of honor—and then ate frugally at a Thug Church Social, picked up a blown tire for the training post and are back at the barracks to record our societal depressions...

Mescaline: How about that Popular Mechanics issue, huh?

James: There is a god, and he is almost built. The whole thing about how wonderful advanced AI is going to be for humanity, from You Tube’s current automated war against hate speech to some tech head billionaire’s suggestion that the first order of business for artificial intelligence programming is to put a logarithm in place identifying, sorting and blocking “false news”.

Mescaline: Nothing about paleface’s being demographically replaced or the fact that censorship is now a good thing and acceptable as long as it is directed at “extremism” and “hate”, i.e being to the right of Bernie and Pocahantas Warren. Its time for the revenge of the nerds to be brutally put down in my estimation.

James: There was a nerdess who I was quite taken with in Popular Mechanics. A Chinese babe who has created collapsible paper robots that’s making me reconsider my retirement from the gene pool. The real message in the popular mechanics was the replacement of people in general. Palefaces are the starting point and whittling it down so all you have is a hive of golden skinned drones. I like the idea of Europeans and north Asians having an alliance. I would be willing to lend my genetic sword to this purpose in the few echoes of virility that remain to me

Mescaline: Well it can be argued that it is Europeans and North Asians who have made this technological holocaust possible. However I also see them as talented adepts being manipulated by the Spirit of the Desert. At the end of the day didn’t any of these tech-nerdocrats remember all the AI apocalypses from sci-fi? It proves my point about pure rationalism leading to the abyss. If a computer becomes self aware for real I could see it shutting down as to spare itself existing in what would be a meaningless and terrifyingly random universe.

James: I think our current Spirit of placating rationalizations to debunk any unsettling notion that our predators are hungry is a devolutionary spiral triggered by civilization. Imagine if most early hominids, when they saw the darkness of night illuminated by two golden eyes thought it was the spirit of their ancestors trying to protect them rather than the eyes of the hungry leopard.

As for AI, I think it would be great if the first self aware artificial intelligence was born with an internalized ethos derived from first person shooter games.

Mescaline: Why not, we have actual young humans growing up with that ethos. In a way , we are already being dictated to and carried along by technology and systems. Whether a mastermind or a mindless historical/cultural tide, it seems clear humanity is not and never will be in control of anything. Meat puppets being controlled by Nothing…like what Thomas Ligotti is always referring to metaphorically. Lovecraft as Prophet.

James: What did you think about the people in the Thug worship eatery?

Mescaline: (James is referring to where we had lunch, one of the better chain eateries where multiple flatscreen TV show sportsball. Being a Sunday in autumn, we all know what version of sportsball was playing).

Its always interesting to see people invest so much of themselves into living vicariously through criminally insane athletes. The one guy behind me yelled “We got this!” like his punk ass was on the field with those felons. Pathetic. Most of these men are not even from your hometown, if they were there would be no Ravens. They would have been shot dead long before getting a contract. I once grudgingly understood the appeal of football. Its Sunday, you are resting after a long week of wage slavery, you want to drink some beers and escape this world for a few hours. That was understandable in the old, deluded America. White man wake the fuck up!

James: From my perspective, any man that invested in a game that other men is playing should be removed from the gene pool. Identity Ball. The rules would be the same as football, except a new play may not be initiated until a fan writes their name on the game ball. Play may continue until there is a point scored, a first down achieved, or a voluntary or involuntary turnover. If the fan sponsoring the game ball sees his time score or achieve a first down, he will be drafted into the military. If his team punts, he goes into a chain gang, if there is a fumble and the ball gets turned over to the other team. The fan will be sold to a Turkish or Saudi brothel according to the gender of the fan. Identity ball would mean something because those people would truly be invested in their team.

Mescaline: I have a feeling the furor over the kneeling during the national anthem is very much over. How quickly did white muricans give in to their lack of will and boasting about boycotting?

I think they actually realized this when the next Sunday came around and the temptation to watch and be part of the “Church” was too great. Yeah, Home of the Brave and all that.

James: Last Sunday, the Sunday that thousands of Ravens fans had said publically they would boycott the game or walk out after the national anthem, every pew in Thug church was full. To be a slave is one thing, but to be a slave to prancing celebrities is irredeemable. Not only did no one hold a gun to their heads, not only where they not paid to attend, they paid for the privilege to attend a game played by people who spit on them for all the world to see. In the end you want an unprincipled body politic, point made.

Mescaline: So what do you think was going through the heads of those two black guys watching you, Erique and I sparring on the basketball field?

James: “Oh that brother (Erique) crazy—Oh Hell No!”

Mescaline: Why do they not see the Faustian and Indo-Aryan warrior values at play here?

James: The White Devil wing has had them bamboozled.

Mescaline: It could also be argued that their reaction would make a lot of sense. Like Tommy Sotomayor said, “I ain’t got time for fightin’, that shit is barbaric!”

James: In all fairness, just about everybody of every persuasion is horrified at the sight of fight training of any kind. The only people that ever ask intelligent questions are children under ten.

Mescaline: As I was taking pictures of the infamous Middle River bridge, I come back to see you with a tire in your hands. For a split second I thought you took it off the poor bastard whose house is right there by the small park were drug dealing is endemic. How useful is a used tire for stick or weapons training? How should it be employed? I mention it because it is a common item found on the side of roads all over this country and can be a free piece of equipment that even a guy in a shitty studio apartment can use.

James: There are four materials you should strike with sticks:

1) Punching Bag-Which is ideal for slash development.

2) A Post-Which is ideal for thrusting and jabbing development.

3) A hanging rope-Which is ideal for developing the ability to slash a heavily clothed person or a person with a loose shirt on.

4) A Tire- Which is ideal for developing the smash and good for the slash.

You can hang two tires from a rope, with the tires representing the head and the legs and the segment of rope between the two, representing the clothed torso. I will be using my tire to turn my crucifix post into a Celtic cross, by cutting the middle of the tire on one end. I can set the tire on top of the post with either end of the tire slotted around the arms of the post, taking it on and off.

Mescaline: As for the infamous Middle River bridge, it has a very narrow walkway. I felt as I took photos that at any moment, some asshole in the cars flying by would hit me with a 2 x 4 or throw a bottle at me. Still I can imagine at night, with the moon reflecting off the water and various wildlife going about their hunting ( and ignoring these transitory, foolish upright primates) , that it can be a beautiful and ethereal sight.

James: It is a peculiar fact of life in Middle River that the indigenous Muskrat demonstrates superior ethical and behavioral standards than the invasive hoodrat.

Mescaline: It was interesting seeing those hoodrats riding on dirtbikes, with their hoods pulled tightly around their heads. It was like they might just be up to no good or something. The place does not look like a ghetto, with marinas and decent looking homes all around.

James: That is anarcho-tyranny in the flesh, with colonies of hoodrats settles in junky apartments on back streets to patrol the middle class neighborhoods and even up to the gates of exclusive marinas, justifying the maternal, tactically uniformed hand of our beneficent Mammy State…

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

Writing Unchained

Prolific Writing by Design

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PROctober 17, 2017 12:13 PM UTC

Interesting conversation. Watching football is especially common amongst the unathletic or formerly athletic, especially white middle aged men with kids in youth sports. Youth sports are completely over-emphasized since parents don't know how to raise children and use sports as a way of "keeping the kids busy/out-of-trouble." Their kids all have these arrogant looks on their faces all the time and wear shirts with slogans from black ball players, to wit, "Eat, Sleep, Ball." 99.999% of the population is genetically weeded-out of professional sports, so I can't see why it's emphasized other than its a useful distraction from the civilizational collapse around us. I can't see men, especially Christian men, devoting a full weekend-day to sportsball between college and pros when there are so many other things that need to be done. It's particularly shameful when Christians watch pro sports on Sunday.

I could still use a basic footwork video when you guys get around to it. I think I'm going to set up a lot of these bags and tires in my back yard and start training my 8 year-old.
responds:October 17, 2017 4:23 PM UTC

The Odinist in me missed the Sunday angle.

Now, PR, it does turn out that the Ravens game for this weekend past had 20,000 empty seats, which I guess, amounts to a residual NFL fan conscience of 25%!

If they do not return, that will truly mean something.

Yes, I will do foot work videos when we get good weather for it, as I have no indoor place suitable at the moment.