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I Hate Bus Drivers
The Tao of Tony Rooster

The old #6 bus was the main North-South route. It started at Aurora Village and followed Aurora Ave all the way over the bridge to downtown. After Silas Cool shot a #6 driver and steered the bus off the Aurora bridge, they renumbered it to the #358. What a wacky guy. The bus landed on some apartments, but didn't quite make it into the drink.

I got on around 75th Ave one day and paid my fare, sat down, nothing out of the ordinary, other than the bus was normally very crowded, and today there were only a handful of people it. I put on my headphones and watched the city go by out my window.

I was sitting somewhat near the front of the bus, and noticed the driver's face in the overhead mirror. He looked very upset. I took off one headphone and heard him yelling. He's yelling at me,

"Turn your headphones down! They're too loud and disturbing the other passengers!"

What the fuck? I look around. There's an old Mexican lady sleeping, and some teenagers in the back, quite a ways away from me.

"They're headphones. Nobody can hear them. Nobody looks bothered to me."

His face is a seething ball of rage "turn those headphones down or I'll kick you off this bus!"

So I turn them down. The diesel engine is loud enough though, that I can't hear my music, so eventually I turn them back up. How can this guy even hear them? I don't know, but he can.

He stops the bus. "I'm calling the police. You are interfering with transit and now you're going to jail." This guy is actually calling the cops.

I get up and go to the back door, punch the little glass square that covers the manual lever for opening the back door, and exit stage left.

I know enough by now that I need to get myself out of sight, so I walk into a fast food joint. My stupid hand is bleeding from breaking the glass. I go to the bathroom, wash my hand, then order a cheeseburger and settle in for about 45 minutes, nibbling my food and reading a book.

After this I feel like it's safe to go back along my merry way. As a precaution, I shove my hat and jacket into my back pack.

I make it 200 feet past the front door before 2 NFL sized cops pounce on me. They're trying to tackle me, but I'm standing firm. I don't want my neck broken. "I'm peaceful. I'm not resisting. Take me down nice and easy guys?"

No way. They're mad that they couldn't get me down right off the bat. One leg sweep, and it's all over. The bigger of the two stood on my head with his big boot for about 20 minutes, while the other nice fellow gave me some good rib kicks here and there.

I was charged with resisting arrest, assault on a cop, I don't even remember every charge, but I do remember that it was a total of 11 misdemeanors I got charged with. My booking photo clearly shows the imprint of a boot on my face.

All these liberal idiots who insist only blacks get this kind of treatment at the hands of the police are just as deluded as the redneck conservative crowd who thinks that arrest equals guilt and view anyone with a felony conviction as subhuman trash. I know this isn't any kind of great story, no moral, no ending, but it's all true and it's one of the many reasons that I'll never trust law enforcement or have any faith at all in the system.

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ShepOctober 18, 2017 4:08 PM UTC

Bob, your last sentence is 99% spot-on. Just change it to "white MALE cops", and you'll be batting 1.000.
PROctober 18, 2017 9:46 AM UTC

Many police are traditional men with traditional values. The problem is that the State holds the pension over their heads to coerce them into doing things they otherwise might not. This is why you notice that military officers and NCOs are all moral cowards after a certain rank: they need to make it to 20 years to get their pension. Still, many cops passively resist the State's latest plans. In California, for example, sheriff's deputies in red counties don't enforce the state's gun laws on law-abiding people.

In this case, I think they might just be reacting to Tony Rooster's appearance. I tell everyone to dress like a middle class emasculated white man because it signals to the cops you're on their side, no matter how broad your shoulders.
BobOctober 17, 2017 12:09 AM UTC

The police are loyal to their fraternity and the System. White men are the System's most feared enemy, and poor white men bear most of the brunt of this enmity. I imagine the plan is to thin out the ranks of white cops that they be more ruthless in realizing the anti-white agenda.
responds:October 17, 2017 11:15 AM UTC

Amen, Bob.