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Harm City Checkers?
Naw, Ma Brutha, Da Popo Be Playin' Chess Now

The 7-11 at Harford and Glenmore is a police HQ at night, sitting at the crest of a ridge overlooking Hamilton and lower Parkville. One night, I sat on the bus stop across from this place and watched as three groups of pillaging thugs played breaking and entering and armed robbery checkers with the three cops using this as their base. The game was for one group to pull the cop away and the other to hit the 7-11. Thus inspired by the duel of my mutual enemies, I wrote Harm City Checkers.

Well, in the wee hours of Monday morning—just yesterday—some hoodrats tried to rob the 7-11 with a shotgun. Only one player went in and his buddy scampered off as the cop pulled up, just before Yo was shot down like Butch Cassidy in some South American joint...

All day yesterday the chopper and 5-7 cops scoured the neighborhood for Yo who fled and left Yo fo dead.

What more important is this is taking a cop off the street while he is suspended pending the investigation.

But what is really important is that this took a possible body out of this year's Murderbowl hit parade—because a dude this stupid wasn't making it through this year and cop killings don't count towards the homicide numbers!

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