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Busy Times for Scoundrels
International News Tip from Sea Daddy

The ISIS drama is closing, with a return to more sensible Kurdish-Iraqi action. I was more interested in the reconfigured blackwater, a 15,000 man army in Qatar doing the Saudi's bidding. American company hiring out of Africa, Philippines, etc. Busy times for scoundrels.

A crackpot side note: could a company like Prince's loinchild have pulled off the Vegas massacre, or does that require a first world national intelligence service? It's looking very thuggish at this point.

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The Foundational Falsehoods of the American Dream

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Sam J.October 18, 2017 8:31 PM UTC

A dubious theory from 8chan that is probably wrong but does fit the facts.

1. Mafia hears that massacre planned for Vegas.

2. Tells Trump.

3. Trump gets Erik Prince to bring guys to thwart attack.

4. Attack somewhat suppressed but not completely.

There are several eyewitness reports of multiple shooters at multiple hotels. Some sighted para type guys with silenced AR's. The media narrative at first was ISIS,ISIS,ISIS until that collapsed. There's no doubt at all, none, that there were more than one shooter because of the science guys bullet hits sound verses gun report(gunfire sound) timing video. He shows that there's at least two. Using the timing and velocity profile he shows one at around 450 yards and one at around 250 yards. He did great work and I see no way it can be refuted. His explanation is so vivid and clear that anyone should be able to understand it. A sign of some one who really knows what they're talking about. It appears extremely likely that what was planned was a much wider event. It's obvious that Paddock was a patsy of some sort. Not saying he was innocent but he didn't do all of this.

There are several problems with the above 4chan theory but there is a possibility that some lower in rank in the deep State three letter agencies are sick of seeing our people killed and have decided to start ambushing the, probably Mossad and their agents, terrorists. I hope this is true.