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No Consipracy in Vegas
Bob is on the Case


commented on Las Vegas Witness Body Count


6:57 AM UTC

View this before it's taken down. Helicopter firing on crowd.

My viewing of this video shows a light in the dark night flying like a helicopter, with short bursts of smaller light coming from beneath the larger light.

Second video has a brief image of an areal light.

Bob, the BPD chopper has been over my neighborhood for most of the past three days. Of course, I also hear police sirens, so am somewhat comforted that it is not the FBI-CIA Civil War Started Force coming to snuff me out. Really, the helicopter angle is creeping me out. You can ask Mescaline Franklin, every time he is in town he says something about how much hang time this chopper does over my home. I can hear the rotors chopping right now, indicating that it is circling back around...

Turd America

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BobOctober 18, 2017 9:58 PM UTC

Soros' put option acquisition prior to the Las Vegas attacks is interesting, as is the trading on certain other stocks that would likely be affected by the event.

Whatever one may think of Mathis (I don't trust his analyses in toto) he does well to highlight the nexus between Weinstein, MGM and its shareholder, Vanguard.