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A Feather in Trump's Cap
World War Update: ISIS Loses its Base

Up until now the U.S. effort in its war on terrorism, in Syria in particular and in the Middle East in general, was conspicuous for its lack of a will to win. To destroy the enemy and his will to fight.

Trump vows to ‘utterly destroy ISIS’ — but he won’t say how – Washington Post 09/24/2016—but-he-wont-say-how/2016/09/24/911c6a74-7ffc-11e6-8d0c-fb6c00c90481_story.html?utm_term=.8dfaeffd5792

“Here's my strategy on the Cold War: we win, they lose.”

― Ronald Reagan, U.S.S.R. U.S.A. Summit, Moscow, May 29 June 2, 1988

“Only the destruction of the hostile fighting force will be decisive as a rule. It is therefore the most important object of all operations.”

- Field Marshal Helmuth Von Moltke the Elder

"What do we mean by the defeat of the enemy? Simply the destruction of his forces, whether by death, injury, or any other means—either completely or enough to make him stop fighting. . . . The complete or partial destruction of the enemy must be regarded as the sole object of all engagements. . . . Direct annihilation of the enemy's forces must always be the dominant consideration."

- Karl Von Clausewitz, “On War”

“If the enemy is to be coerced, you must put him in a situation that is even more unpleasant than the sacrifice you call on him to make. The hardships of the situation must not be merely transient – at least not in appearance. Otherwise, the enemy would not give in, but would wait for things to improve.”

- Karl Von Clausewitz, “On War”

ISIS Goes Down in Raqqa: SDF in Full Control of Caliphate's 'Capital'

Of Lions and Men

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