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An Impulsive Public Carjacking Attempt
An Example of Social media Crime Reporting


Oakleigh Manor

(FYI: this was posted on the parkville fb page. I dont have a description or photo of the youngman involved.)

Yesterday morning at 7:30, a sophomore from Loch Raven High School attempted to carjack Steven D'Ortone as he was dropping his child off at daycare. This happened on Darrich Dr and the suspect left his backpack (including ID) and phone behind in the scuffle. the youngman escaped before the police arrived.

Oct 19 in Crime & Safety to 29 neighborhoods

This type of impulsive crime is often attempted without forethought and is import to report here, as Opportunistic Aggression is the category of violence that increases the most in municipalities with pro-criminal administrations, such as Baltimore City and Baltimore County and in any area where the police have lost prestige due to riots or other socio-political factors. This concept will be explored in Crimes of Opportunity: The Central Aspect of the Paradigm Shift in American Violence

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